The Thriving Left-hander & Unseen Scars of Stigma

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About The Books

The Thriving Left-Hander

Thriving Left-hander

Thriving Lefthander is written primarily for stigmatized lefties.  The book shares the struggles of many lefthanders and also shares strategies for overcoming those limitations.  It is also an everyday guide for adult left-handers in a right-handed world and for all parents raising left-handed children (especially in African homes) who may be pressured into coercing their children to switch to their right hands.  We want this book to get into the hand of every left-hander,  parent, or guardian to one. To support, visit

The Unseen Scars of Stigma

The Unseen Scar of stigma is a book that calls for social change. The book draws you in with stories of the everyday experiences of victims of stigmatization and offers the reader practical insights for becoming a change agent. 

Scars Of Stigma

These two books will:


Teach teachers, parents, or guardians of left-handed children, the skills to support them in a world made for right-handed people.


Equip adult left-handers, with the confidence to thrive even when faced with constant stigmatization.


Provide actionable steps that individuals, groups, and communities can take, to mitigate discriminatory practices.


Provide you with creative activities that left-handers can do, to help them develop their talents.


Challenge what you know about left-handedness and stigma, through relatable stories, and provide you with ideas, that can help challenge other people’s beliefs.

What Readers Are Saying

“We were born with scars, and bred with silence. We were raised to suffer and smile, In fact, you can say silence is our official language in this part of the world, But Bisola-Mariam is not having any of that. She is challenging stereotypes, questioning the status quo, and inviting all of us, into a soul-searching journey. She is unafraid of opening up the can of worms, that many people would rather walk away from. The author diarises her somewhat unpleasant experiences from childhood till present, with the hope that we can learn a thing or two from them.” 


 “I have never found a book that captures the everyday struggles of lefties, as you did in yours, and I will recommend this book, over and over. The idea that you even lead a movement, that seeks to amplify the voices of lefties, is commendable. I encourage everyone to donate, so this book can get into more hands.”


“‘This book exposes the struggles of identity and the unfair attachments and meanings the society places on special characteristics of individuals and their life situations. The book is a pivotal message to a world craving for justice. Hence I must say it is worthy of a wide readership.”

  • Bisola’s brilliance shines through the pages of this well-articulated piece. As I read the “Unseen Scars of Stigma”, her vivid language took me instantly into her world, capturing her vulnerability and courage, while taking you through the story of her life. This book will definitely bring healing to a scared soul. 2 Corinthians 1:14: “From the comfort you received from Him, comfort all.” I definitely endorse this book.”  

About The Author

Bisola-Mariam is a left-hander and a survivor of social stigma. She is not only a left-hander but also a mother to a leftie; she cares deeply about left-handed children, and her mission is to see that they thrive in a right-handed world.  To this end, she founded Left-handers Africa to continue her advocacy for the inclusion of left-handers across the world. According to her, left-handed people are marginalized. Still, only a few recognize that this marginalization exists. Her goal is to bring this to people’s awareness and give them reasons to join the fight against forced hand-switching and biases against left-handedness. Learn more about her at


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